The Original USB Music Card

Designed to stream your music, videos and more.

usb universal

Works with PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and USB media.


Give your fans the ultimate audio/video experience with no limitations.
“Dammit. What a brilliant idea! Why didn’t I think of that?”
~ anonymous VC exec
“We need a million of those card things for our artists. We’re shipping platinum!”
~ anonymous label exec
“That’s some gnarly awesome stuff you got there dude!”
~ Jeff Spicoli
“Holy cow! Buy all of their stock now! This is about to blow up.”
~ anonymous angel investor

Album Widget

The album widget is a cross platform tabbed widget designed to deliver a unique experience to your fans.  With multiple templates to choose from you can create the perfect product that speaks to your audience.

Album Art

A photo slider for your album art.


A multi-format music player capable of playing mp3, FLAC, WAV and hi-res audio.

Let’s Connect

Connect with your fans. Link your social media. Included fan signup form. All signups go directly to your inbox.

Shout Out

 Thank a sponsor, promote a tour or release, etc. 

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